Wu Wei - Prasoon Architecture & Interior Design Studio


Wu Wei

Location: Huailai County,Hebei, China
Project Type:
Cultural Centre
Area: 1,07,200 sq.mt.

Project Description

The proposal has been derived from a contemporary enclosure surrounded with nature which gradually
rises from the roots of the wine yard to possess a radical progression. This spiral geometric progression
is not just an expression of bold visual characteristics; it acts as a bridge, in a state of continuous flux,
between the natural and the man-made to harvest the possibilities from it.

The endless flowing geometry articulates an interactive spatial organization, where, the user
experiences a smooth transition of informed programs and spaces. It is an embodiment of the context,
the nature of wine, the resultant psyche and everything in between; a smooth harmony experienced
intuitively and effortlessly. The organic characteristics of nature are evident in the building’s seamless,
fluid mannerism, all set in motion.

A semi-enclosed green courtyard at the ground level allows users to mutually interact with the play of
light and shadows. The highlight of the courtyard and semi-enclosed space is the behaviour of light
under a dramatic artistic enclosure. The draping latticed funnel inside the courtyard filters the
monotonous character light and jitters it into fragments of diagrid divisions, which falls on the surfaces
to create an alchemy of expression. The gallery spaces are free-flowing loops set in motion, framing the
sky above and reflecting its beauty over the water bodies in the courtyard. This altogether becomes a

collaborative force of artistic architectural expression for the enlightenment of the users. “A Eureka
moment into existence.”

These spaces express an unsaid relationship between the built-as fluid as wine or music and the light-a
catalyst for spatial experiences. The semi enclosed courtyards consist of water as one of the main
elements used for reflecting the seamless frozen beauty. These reflections invert the directional
movements of the built, thus balancing the frame. Natural light passing through the loop of the built
creates a drama when falls on the fa├žade surfaces and water. The collaborative contribution of water,
light and wine-like fluidity of swirling facades would create an experience of setting minds and souls