Architectural Design

At Prasoon, we are steadfast in our commitment to creating well-crafted, high-performing buildings that are unique and characterised through deliberate and experiential design. We approach each of our projects as an opportunity to create balance between program and cost, performance and appearance, feasibility and schedule, and ambition and pragmatism. By helping our clients navigate these dynamic and complex choices, we craft projects that are both mindful of efficiency and inspired by creativity.

We firmly believe that by engaging partners early on in the design process, we are able to define success with a full understanding of the costs and considerations of development. This approach is characterized by candid conversations, thoughtful inquiry, attentive listening, and an openness to new opportunities. As a result, our designs are never impulsive, but instead, intentionally crafted with respect for users, local culture, context, environment, and budgets.

Efficiency is at the forefront of our design agenda, as we strive to conserve cost, time, process, and environmental resources. By integrating technologies like BIM, Computational Design practices and other new-age methods, we strive for the iconic, rooted in efficiency.