At Prasoon, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional architectural services that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. With vast global experience and presence, our team utilises latest technologies and techniques to arrive at bespoke solutions borne for the problem at hand. We offer advanced technical expertise and design and engineering services that cover all aspects of the built environment.

Experiences that Tell a Tale

We believe in the transformative power of design and architecture in shaping a bond between memories and space.

It can narrate powerful stories, of civilisations and societies. For us, architecture and design are all about creating stories, a sense of placemaking- through planning, spaces, connections and design. From luxury resorts to gleaming skyscrapers, inviting residential spaces to sustaining urban infrastructure; all of our projects narrate a tale while weaving an experience that is lived once, cherished forever.

An Ecosystem of Vision & Viability

We strive to mould our designs into opportunities of interaction, facilitating dialogues rather than monologues for people who experience our designs. To create these experiences, we take the journey of discovery with our clients, to arrive at designs borne for the challenge at hand. Breaking free from the disciplinary silos limiting innovation, we push the boundaries of possibilities, to create solutions responsive to people and context with designs that are realised at the intersection of art, technology and function.

Evolutionary Designs Rooted in Technology

Resolutely experimental in our approach, we, at Prasoon, are always on the lookout to explore concepts that extend the boundaries of efficiency and sustainability that transcend an idea, to become an experience.

We integrate technologies like computational design to create designs with complex geometries & BIM to generate construction and coordination documentation while our in-house proprietary solutions for project management enables efficiency in projects right from design to delivery.

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