Location: South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, USA

Project Type: Urban Revitalization

Built-up Area: 13,000 sqm

Project Description
Tru by Hilton is an intriguing design mix of the past and the present that gives this venture a unique character and makes it a part of the exceptional atmosphere of Chicago, a city where modernity and tradition co-exist in harmony. The site for the project was the former Johnson Publishing Building which holds a special value in the Black Renaissance Movement for being the first skyscraper in downtown Chicago to be owned and designed by African-Americans.

The existing industrial-style facade stands in stark contrast to the modern glass and metal facade of the crown. The hotel is a mix of vibes and elements that mingle to create a welcoming and social gathering place. Keeping in mind the importance of visual arts, music and literature that acted as engines of growth for the Black Renaissance movement, Tru has been designed to celebrate these elements. A colourful depiction of media equaliser adorns the crown of the building, emphasising the influence of music during the period. The spacious corridors, extensive lobbies and cosy rooms have been decorated with fascinating pieces of Black American and African art. The transparent glass library lounge on the first floor features an exclusive collection of volumes on Black life and history that the passers-by can easily enjoy a glimpse of.