Location: Fujairah, UAE

Project Type: Sports Complex

Built-up Area: 13,595 sqm

Project Description
Martial arts practice is a congenial challenge, rewarding to accomplish even for people who are unlikely to do much fighting. Its training has a unique system in place of channelising the universal life force or chi to help balance and strengthen the bonds among mind, body and soul for each practitioner that emanate towards total awareness.

Our form for the martial arts facility is traced by the continuous flux of chi, moving along the triad of mind, body and soul, enabling the patrons to align their distinct identities in a connected landscape. We have introduced precinct spaces like reiki and spa, sauna, mineral pool, zen gardens, meditation centre, yoga centre and other amenities to revitalise the mind, body and soul, training the end-users for combat while enabling them to come out as a better human being, enriched with a better quality of life.

The facility is a reflection of utmost coordination; continuous, yet not complex. It has been designed to instil a heightened sense of mindfulness by engaging all the guest senses with compelling designs that inspire the desire to go, see, try, taste and learn. The concept fuses indoors and outdoors in a comfortably grand setting that encourages engagement with the surroundings and discovery within oneself.