Location: Gurugram, India

Project Type: Pavilion

Built-up Area: 425 sqm

Project Description

Following the principles of biomimicry, the Urban Nest pavilion takes inspiration from a bird’s nest incorporated within an urban context. Placing people at the heart of our projects, it has been designed to give people an opportunity to culminate, interact, celebrate and experience community. It has been designed as a respite from the concrete jungle. The idea is to bring back nature into people’s life which has been wrapped around a cover of contemporary upgradation of infrastructure. This pavilion brings an essence of nature’s typology of creation in an organic pattern.

The cover of the pavilion is an expression of bark, branches and twigs, which helps the structure achieve a delicate complexity. The wooden woven lattice serves varied functions, the porous layer shelters the patrons from glare and weather while allowing filtered daylight, creating a unique and dynamic pattern on the pavilion’s ground which keeps on changing as per the movement of the sun.