Project Management


Project Management 

Cities, states and provinces are indelibly defined by their infrastructure and the built environment, which, have been an undertaking of various big and small developments. But no matter the scale, size and scope of construction projects, each of them has incredibly diverse moving parts and people.

We ensure that each of these individual project components and projects as a whole are meticulously coordinated in a highly structured endeavour to constrain them in their defined time and cost frame. Our construction project management solutions comprehensively oversee all stages of the construction lifecycle, from concept or pre-construction to post-construction & project closeout. Our project lifecycle management is backed by our in-house Artificial Intelligence-driven construction management platform- Zepth, which ensures that all our projects are delivered on budget, schedule and quality.

Program Management

Many construction projects, regardless of size, fail to achieve overall success. This may be due to a lack of construction program management. Our program management seeks to transform a dossier of projects together to achieve efficiencies to scale that enables project teams to:

  • Coordinate efforts to transform a group of projects together
  • Establish a strategic framework across the project lifecycle
  • Right planning and delivery strategy to achieve optimal results
  • Mitigate risks with innovative solutions and lead stakeholder collaboration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)- Zepth

All our construction project lifecycle management programs are backed by our in-house Artificial Intelligence-driven construction
management platform- Zepth, which ensures delivery on budget, schedule and quality.

Control costs with clear visibility of the entire dollar journey from project inception to completion.
Keep your team on the latest version with sophisticated document sharing and storage.
Go from on-paper to on-site with streamlined paperless quality control managed on-cloud.
Robust team coordination and tracking to stay on top of the project schedule and budget.
Make data-driven decisions for your project with actionable insights and powerful reports.
Seamlessly instill efficient communication, faster approvals and enhanced productivity.
Deliver safer projects with quick inspections, consistent data and standardised procedures.
AI & 3D reality capture solutions to transform construction site into a mirrored digital reality.
Empower your on-site teams to work with ease with streamlined daily progress reporting.