A core aspect of enriched architectural designs is the deep-rooted connection that places hold with people. Through strategic placemaking, architects can extract greater meaning behind public spaces allowing for a true bond to form between residents and material spaces. Architects and design consultants can transform the way that people feel within areas, by optimizing their experiences within the spatial domain.

While the idea is growing in popularity worldwide, the implementation of placemaking is complex and resource-intensive. Understanding the interactions of residents, occupants, and inhabitants with various blueprint elements requires a concrete understanding of utility, flow, and experiential design. With the communal experience at the centre of design strategies, the top architecture firms are investing significant time in innovating with the right approach.

The impact of placemaking in architectural design

Some of the top architecture firms in Dubai, including Prasoon Design Studio, are exploring the role of shared experiences pertaining to specific aesthetics, design flows, and forms. By using the right materials, design philosophies, orientations, and layouts, the leading design consultants are uncovering new ways to impact sustainability, longevity, and spatial experiences.

Placemaking is also a key concept leveraged to improve productivity in workspaces. By strategically designing public areas, recreational zones, and walkways to various buildings, architects can improve the productivity levels of employees within spaces. With the evolving nature of remote work and work from home across several cities, architects are also designing experiences that boost productivity and output for residential spaces as well.

Additionally, placemaking helps establish a strong identity that can be associated with the project, the region, or the city, based on the scale of the development. Placemaking can be retroactively introduced, as well as initiated from the planning stage itself, thereby expanding its scope significantly across applications. From offices to towns, a strong sense of identity and belongingness can be expressed using placemaking.

Key strategies in effectively introducing placemaking

There are several key strategies that architects are leveraging to incorporate the wide spectrum of initiatives under placemaking. In fact, the top design consultants in Dubai are also developing some of the most stunning skyscrapers within the greater context of localization and experiential design. Some of the core principles of placemaking through design are as follows –